So I go to Covent Garden and take along my camera for company. There’s a girl/young woman/potential starlet striking a few poses whilst an older woman takes photos. I stand back and take a couple.

The result is what you’re looking at.

Anyway, turns out said person is pretty handy with the flickr search. It’s CoConi Royle and you can hear her debut album here. The woman with the camera was her mum. There are performances coming up too – mostly in Northamptonshire it seems.

CoConi sounds kinda like how Alanis Morisette would have sounded had she released her first stuff in 1984 after having had a good think first rather than shouting – in a good way.

See the above image large here.


2 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. great like your style keep it up would like to come to one of your gigs ,and bring dan along,by the way i am dans lead guitarist,he has written some great songs you heard nothing yet girl. wait till we have done the demo end of july. we are afull band ie, two guitars,bass drums and key boards .giging soon. love your music and photos. kind regards mel.

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