The police, gawd bless ’em

There was a fire in Chesham yesterday. It even made the BBC.

(Obviously the local BBC and even there Chesham is a town that needs to be referenced as ‘somewhere near Hemel Hempstead.)

Anyway, an empty building was gutted in a fire at 3.30am. Sadly it was the Royal British Legion.

This link from the Bucks Free Press is worth it for mboth’s epic comment.

A further anyway — I got a photie or two of the aftermath whilst the building was still smouldering and would like to put in a kind word for the police who far from being obsessed about Section 44 of the Terrorism Act were exceptionally friendly and didn’t mind snappers being there providing they didn’t try and get past the police tape.

So, possibly for today only: the police, what a lovely bunch.

See the above photo large here. One of the fire is here.


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