Taken by Storm

Storm Thorgerson is clearly as mad as the square root of a box of frogs.

But he’s also responsible for some the most iconic images of our time – and many of them have adorned Pink Floyd album covers.

If there’s a reason such as an anniversary for bringing them all together at gallery @ oxo then I missed it but this is still a welcome and fun collection.

Looking over the images you can see a clear influence on practically everyone who has ever looked at Photoshop and thought “now, what can I add to this …” Red balloons pour out of a clear blue sky, two men shake hands – one of them ablaze as he does so, a jockey rides a seahorse and so on and so on.

It’s brilliant and constantly surprising. You could even forgive the fact that it’s very often associated with popular music at the (ahem) pretentious end of the spectrum.

Prints are available for sale and given the stupid prices I’ve seen elsewhere they actually come close to seeming reasonably good value. They’d certainly be a talking point on anyone’s wall.

See one of the albums recreated in Lego here.


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