Art in the wild

“Technically proficient” is the term Gregg and John use moments before they boot somebody out of Masterchef for being getting all the technical elements of cooking right but using them to produce something they’ve seen a thousand times before.

Which brings us to Roger Hooper whose Art in the Wild exhibition is now at the gallery @ oxo.


I’m sure we’ve been here before. And, like the last time, there’s nothing really wrong with any of this – it all looks good, the animals are captured in amazing detail and colours in the prints are jaw-dropping.

And so much is here – a polar bear stands on the threshold of water in the arctic, just across from elephants making their way across the African planes. A panda chewing a carrot is one of the many picks.

And even though there’s a book to sell, it’s all for a good cause. The striven for and achieved technical excellence is revealing whole worlds at threat. Even without any immediate sense of urgency from the image themselves the viewer knows that time is running out.

There may not be too many opportunities to capture such images in the future.


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