I’m a believer

It’s the London Literature Festival and being the ticket-avoiding cheapskate that I am the only bit I’ve managed to catch is this free compendium of performance poetry and the like.

I normally only seem to catch performance poetry on Radio 4 when I’m in need of comedy so I’m not that well disposed to it. But this lot were awesome.

All the participants were annoyingly young and talented and – as I didn’t pick up a list of who was doing what – anonymous.

The woman pictured opened with a piece that wove a repeated refrain from The Monkees’ I’m a Believer into a narrative about looking after her mother. I never thought “I couldn’t leave her if I tried” could really ever have an emotional impact – I was wrong.

I think there’s more free stuff coming up. Martin Parr is there on Tuesday but you’ve got to pay for that so, at best, I’ll be pressing my face up against the glass.

See this image large here.


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