Really real

I took this photie at the Bucks Rail Centre. Cunningly, this isn’t actually a train you ride on – it’s not even one of the miniature railway – but of the model railway that sometimes steams at the far end of the site (the waiting penguin sort of gives it away).

Anyway, it got me thinking of photographs of models and the like that wind up looking real. (I need something to occupy me during a book-less commute when the iPod’s broken.) There’s obviously Thomas Demand who does it seriously but then on Flickr there are some pretty convincing ones (at least in small). In particular I like this one giving model railways the HDR treatment.

Then there are faked photos. But people resign over them and I’m not in the mood for over-seriousness today.

I’m just going to google model train pics all afternoon.

There are worse ways of spending your time.

See this photo – and its penguin – large here.


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