Some Kind of John Hughes

I wasn’t really the right age for the John Hughes films when they came out – I was 8 when The Breakfast Club came out for example but I’ve still devoured them all.

Obviously there’s Ferris. I think I’ve quoted every line from that film at some point. Very often in sync with it playing in the background. It’s that kind of film.

But then there’s Some Kind of Wonderful – Pretty in Pink rewritten without the Duck but with the right ending.

Everything a John Hughes film should be but it does very often get missed off the lists.

And now that John Hughes is no longer with us it seems as good a time as any to revisit its masterful beginning … the ending’s smart too but in a departure from this blog we’ll go with the start:


2 thoughts on “Some Kind of John Hughes”

  1. Stolz’s performance in this was only ever approached by his Danny in ‘Memphis Belle’ and only ever surpassed by ‘Mask’. Masterson is quite superb and the supporting cast especially Elias Koteas are all excellent.
    Like many I was disappointed that the soundtrack album did not contain the instrumental from the opening credits and I’ve never been able to find out what it’s called. The book of the screenplay says she’s playing Frankie GTH’s ‘Rage Hard’ but it doesn’t sound like it. Any ideas?

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