Leather. Willow. Whites.

As part of my ongoing quest to stand by the boundary rope of as many Buckinghamshire cricket matches as possible I was at Chesham and Amersham on Saturday for their Thames Valley League matches – and today spent a bit of time watching Chesham women bowl against Redbourn.

All good fun. The results are here. And with a fair wind and some matching reports they might even make their way into the Bucks Examiner.

(Last week’s Amersham Town snaps were bumped for a page about a veterans’ match).

Anyway, I’ve been a having rummage round the interweb for decent cricket photos. The aptly named cricketphotos.co.uk (you’ll have to guess the address) is home to shots of county and international matches – mostly from Yorkshire and none since June.

There are also some nice ones in this this flickr group — and I like this photo that sums up so much about cricket without showing any of the game at all.

I’m sure there are loads more but my google technique is letting me down right now.

Until I get my mojo back see the above image large here.


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