Do keep up

You might have heard that Usain Bolt ran quite fast yesterday – although to be fair if you live in the UK you’ll have read about in a paragraph next to a smiling photo of Jessica Ennis looking lovely and sweaty.

This is how sports reporting works as any veteran of reading about Wimbledon fortnight can confirm – the stories are about the blokes, the photos are of the women.

Anyway …

Swept up in the excitement of a man going faster than a speeding bullet – and apparently doing so whilst substantially more relaxed than a speeding bullet – nobody thought to congratulate the real hero of the night – the tog with a pink shirt and long lens desperately trying to keep up with the world’s fastest man (you can see him between 200-300m here).

A credit to sports togs everywhere. I only hope he got the medical support needed afterwards.

And to celebrate – here are some photos of Jessica Ennis. Because that’s how it works.

Like I said.


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