Can you see the Kraken?

I lay awake the other night listening to the radio as various voices talked about Tennyson’s The Kraken and its meanings. (It also makes a guest appearance in Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, one of the finest books ever written).

I’m not quite sure at what depth the Kraken is meant to sleep but there’s a fair chance that Kevin Raskoff is the guy to take the ideal picture of it should the snoozing aquatic beast ever be found.

The BBC today had a slideshow of his most recent images. These are all glowing frozen ‘jellies’ found in Arctic waters.

There’s nothing as much fun as the fish that carries its own light around but it’s just as alien and, to my ‘upright walking mammal’ eyes, completely nuts.

The slideshow is here.

Enter Raskoff’s world here.


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