It was only a couple of days ago that I found out that the Athlete song ‘Wires’ was about a premature baby. I spent a few minutes finding it on Spotify (because I’m hep, but not hep enough to stream music without permission) and was a bit overwhelmed by it.

(Hear it here.)

The photo at the top, taken by my wife, is me holding our eldest son when he was one month old. Three long months later he came home and, in the words of the song, to look at him now you would never know.

We were lucky.

There’s an exhibition on now at Spitalfields to celebrate thirty years of the charity Bliss. There are twenty-seven photos by Nicola Kurtz of sick and premature babies that need the kind of support Bliss campaigns for – that the boy I’m holding in the photo needed to survive. I suspect to many people who go it will be their first real window into that world.

If I can I’ll make it over and have a look. If I can’t the exhibition is on at City Hall later in the month.

Donate to Bliss here.

See the photo large here.


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