M. Daguerre, you are spoiling us …

As an honest anglo-saxon I am honour-bound to believe that William Henry Fox-Talbot invented photography regardless of any rival claims from beastly foreigners.

Actually it was the positive-negative process he developed – meaning that an infinite number of copies could be created from the same source image.

Very useful and practical, I’m sure we all agree. But not as wonderful as Louis Daguerre‘s system which produced the modestly-named daguerreotypes.

In almost any exhibition I find these to be the most intriguing. The strange reflections of the light on their surface and their total otherwordliness … they are as far removed from today’s digital flickry world as it’s possible to be.

Every one is unique and ever so slightly bonkers.

There are a few people out there still creating new ones and the Daguerreian Society has a fantastic searchable online collection.

Now sit back and watch the man from the Met talking about the daguerreotype.


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