Not a crime

These are the words of The Manifesto Club:

“Although there is no overarching ban, there has been a creeping restriction of everyday photography – by community safety wardens, private security guards, and self-appointed ‘jobsworths’. This ranges from children being told that they can only take photos of particular parts of the body, to sports clubs told they should remove all photos of kids from their websites …”

Find their report here.

It echoes the joint campaigns by Amateur Photographer and the British Journal of Photography – as well as the various opinion pieces that have sprung from the media, in particular in response to the forthcoming ISA vetting body.

The Daily Mash might be a little on the extreme side but it has it broadly right.

A few weeks ago I wrote about ostalgia. The stasi and the suspicion it nurtured amongst the citizens it watched is something we could do without.

See the annoyingly talented Quiet Loner‘s related photo here.


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