Something to do with clothes, yes?

It’s London Fashion Week. This is not something that finds itself in my diary particularly often.

At any given time I know the date of the next Challenge Cup Final and when More4 will next be repeating Come Dine With Me but the capital’s fashion jamboree pretty much passes me by.

And so it would have been this year but for the arrival of an off-schedule show by Ioannis Dimitrousis at Southbank Centre whose final rehearsal I happened to catch.

Less an opportunity to develop an understanding of where things are heading clothes-wise and more an opportunity to take a few snaps of a world I rarely, if ever, see.

It was an enjoyable ten or so minutes during which time the models did their final drills and the lights were messed about with. The small resulting set is here.

I’m almost proud of it.

But for real class let’s turn to Kraftwerk and The Model and its immortal lyric “I’d like to take her home that’s understood” … well, that’s as maybe but have you seen the height of these women?

Do they grow them in some narrow, long pod somewhere?

See the above photo large here.


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