Deep undercover

Our Kids Are Going to Hell is the provocatively titled new book from Robin Maddock, whose work features in the current issue of the British Journal of Photography. London writer Iain Sinclair has written an introduction that can be seen here.

The images are interesting – not just because they capture the prosaic reality of a situation that is made to seem by the media as crash-bang dramatic. Here people just sit and wait whilst the police try not to tread on washing up bottles as they look in kitchen cupboards.

Maddock comments in the BJP article about the colour casts that digital creates that he has not attempted to correct. He’s right not to. Left alone the photos have the feel of family snaps – the kind that with different subject matter would be passed around with suitable comments from bemused aunties at Christmas. And despite being there as part of the police ‘side’ the end result is refreshingly impartial.

More about it all here.


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