The wait is over

After all the moaning and muttering the results are in and they are decisive: I love film. Or rather, in particular: I love the combo of Kodak TriX and Canonet QL19 that has somehow made me not look too parp … and has delivered some rather fun results despite my continued inability and total lack of confidence.

And if this is what can happen with some rapid processing from the good folk of Snappy Snaps Soho imagine what could be done with some chemicals, a darkroom, and those charts that tell you how much rodinal to use. For the good of my health, sanity and family however I’m sticking with the Snappy Snaps option until I retire though — which should keep the house free of strange processing fluids until 2052 at the earliest.

See this shot large and grainy here … and a growing set of film stuff here. And don’t forget there are people who actually know what they’re doing … and they are here.

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