Boys and girls

In Gregory’s Girl they predict that in the future there’ll be no men, no women … just people. But then Gregory was in love with someone from the football team and liable to moments of lovestruck whimsy. The object of his desire was Dee Hepburn who had been trained by Partick Thistle to be able to be better at football than the schoolboys of Cumbernauld.

A mere thirty-ish years later – although it can’t really be that long or else that would make me old – and it looks like the FA might be about ready to establish a women’s professional league. They’re planning on calling it “Super League” presumably because being stuck in Soho they don’t know that there’s a current rugby and previous ice hockey competition with that title.

The way things currently stand the title of this Super League will be Arsenal’s to lose and neither Chesham or Newquay will be anywhere near it. Which is a shame as for commitment you probably can’t beat a ten-hour round journey with a 90 minute match in the middle — which is exactly what Newquay Ladies undertook today for their Southwest Combination fixture at The Meadow. I could only stay for the first half … and the visitors were looking at a very long trip home as they were trailing 1-0 at the break.

Today’s game had a crowd of … a handful. Yesterday 306 saw Chesham’s blokes earn a draw against Oxford City in the FA Trophy.

Ladies here. Gents here. Take your pick.


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