Filmy goodness

I need to start with an apology: Dad, I’m sorry.

I’m not sorry for the many things I probably should be sorry for – I’m sure you have The List somewhere – but I’m sorry that for some time in 2006 I encouraged you on the path of selling all your film and darkroom stuff to get yourself a Canon DSLR (and then for buying a Nikon one just after just to be contrary). I’m sorry because over the past few weeks I have become a convert back to film and like all converts my refound enthusiasm is verging on zealotry.

Ken Rockwell, that god amongst men who winds up a lot of dull folk on internet forums, has a rather splendid article here. He has lots of others about other things too – have a look. I’ll even overlook the fact that all his shots are in colour.

It’s such a fantastic article that I have nothing to add to it.

See the above shot large and on black here. It was taken on Neopan 400 – a change from the TriX that’s been my exclusive film of choice until now.

Back to digital for the weekend sport though. Obviously.


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