Milkman after the blitz
Bit late with this one but The Guardian is doing a series of supplements this week charting 100 years of press photography. I may have had issues with the Guardian blogs about their attitudes to photography but this is top drawer stuff.

I’ve only seen the 1940s one and the selections are very interesting. Obviously Lee Miller is there but for her haunting shot of a dead soldier in shallow water not for the more obvious shots. Likewise Margaret Bourke-White and many others from the golden age of reportage. Doisneau gets in for Parisians diving rather than The Kiss, which is nice.

There’s even room for my favourite, though hackneyed, Picture Post shot: the milkman delivering to blitzed London streets. As staged as anything that came out of the Soviet Union but typically British (English even) in reducing its propaganda to one man carrying on with pluck, fortitude and a bit of a grin. Mustn’t grumble, eh?

1950s tomorrow. I may even have to buy The Guardian on a day when neither Brooker, Kelner or Goldacre are writing for it.


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