The glass half full

A nice drink to unwind after Max Kozloff’s engrossing talk at the Photographers’ Gallery about portrait photography. And after the great man had lectured at length about the interdependence, complicity and friction between subject, taker and viewer what better way to test out the new camera’s low-light capability than by taking a picture without people.

This is of a finished glass of Amaretto, the first of a couple to discuss both Kazloff’s ideas and the relative comfort of the Photographers’ Gallery seating. The former was a lot more conducive to good humour and happiness than the latter. Even if they both were challenging in their own ways.

Anyway, there are a couple more D90 shots here. It’s not ideal that I haven’t yet worked out how to get my ancient copy of Elements to understand the more recent camera’s NEF files and so these have been tinkered in Picasa first. Really enjoying taking it for a spin though.

Oh and I had a Deuchars, not an Amaretto.


See the above image large here.


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