Life on phone

I really should be sorting out today’s pics from Chesham v Romulus. I should be but two things are stopping me. Firstly, it was a monumentally terrible game of soccer and I know that despite it being the first outing for my shiny new D90 that it won’t be redeemed by any decent shots. Secondly, I have yet another new camera to play with and this one is the most fun since … well, since the last one.

To recap, in the past two months I’ve gone from a lone D40X to having a DSLR plus a Canonet rangefinder that takes awesome stuff when loaded with TriX and Neopan as well as dusting off my old Nikon F65 to have some fun with colour film. And because I can’t remember the last time I upgraded my phone I’ve now got the latest freebie offering from my mobile company and as well as having internet on it so I can facebook all day long it also has a 3.2MP camera that, shock of shocks, isn’t terrible.

In fact not only is it not terrible but it pretty much answers that tedious question: what would Henri Cartier-Bresson use now? I tell you he wouldn’t be lunking a 1Ds Mark IV, he’d be loving the lightweight discretion a cameraphone brings. If I’d known I was going to enjoy this so much I’d have chosen a phone with a better camera but this is fine for now. Or until I next upgrade some time after the Rio olympics. In fact 3.2MP should be more than okay – it’s only tedious pixel-peepers and inveterate sharpeners who’ll moan. But they’re dullards who can be ignored anyway.

See the growing set here – and this image nice n big here. And remember the iPhone guy (Joel Grey) I talked about before here.


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