Out of the darkness

It can be cold, dark and wet in Chesham. Dem cold, dark and wet. And at times it can feel like The Meadow is the coldest, darkest and wettest to be. And although it wasn’t that chilly at Chesham United yesterday it was dark and wet, and the football wasn’t the best.

In fact, I was somewhat amazed to be able to salvage anything at all given that the match seemed to be played in fractured moments nowhere near where I was pointing my shiny new camera.

The main set is here in all its fuzzy glory. I need to sort out the colours next time or at least just accept that once we’re into ISO 2500-3200 territory that it’s basically going to be people standing still and not much else. Away from the failed attempts to capture movement though I did have a go at using the distortion of floodlights, camera noise and rain to my advantage – such as in the shot of the ref above (see it large here). Not a classic by any stretch but a type of photo to work on now that half the match at least is going to be under lights.

There are some better football shots here. They’d probably get a bit cross if I called it soccer.


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