Center Perk

I am starting to believe that CenterParcs is the holiday that dare not speak its name. It’s the holiday that it seems everyone in England has actually been on and yet nobody seems to want to talk about. I reckon half the people I meet who’ve been to ‘the Lake District’ have actually spent a week watching kids climb fake rocks in Whinfell Forest. In much the same way as we’ve just been to East Anglia – for which read “Elveden Forest“.

Of course, there’s lot’s that is faintly naff about it and there’s almost nothing where you can’t spot the dead hand of an accountant who’s weighed up to the exact penny how much a parent will pay to placate their offspring this time. But all this takes place surrounded by proper woodland that does seem to be treated with respect. But does proper woodland come with grand rapids? No. So CenterParcs beats tedious nature as well as more mundane holiday destinations.

And being me I did take a short stroll or two with the camera to hand as well. See the above image large here which you could either read as a cute shot of a squirrel having a go at a muffin wrapper or something much deeper and more boring about the interaction between nature as it should be and nature as it has become distorted. Or something.

I’ve also got a terrifying video of severed reindeer heads singing Christmas carols that I’ll be uploading soon. That can wait.

In the meantime though should anyone ask where we went on holiday then I’ll pause, think and say … East Anglia of course … nobody talks about CenterParcs. It’s the first rule of CenterParcs.


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