Pressing photos

It’s World Press Photo time at the Royal Festival Hall again and if it seems a lot smaller this year then remember that last year’s edition was fleshed out by the Disposable People exhibition that ran alongside the main show.

This exhibition covers 2008 and for the far-too-eager the selection has been available online (or even in one of Southbank Centre’s own bookshops) for the last six months. A fair number of the shots have also been in the photography media. Which isn’t to say that this isn’t an excellent exhibition – it is – just don’t be surprised if there’s a strange feeling of familiarity.

My favourite collection, which I have seen before but no matter, is the set of black and white frozen in time and isolated in space, divers from the Beijing olympics. They’re by Julian Wainwright and they’re awesome.

It also set me thinking what images there have been from this year. I’m sure there’ll be lots of Obama come selection time but, assuming it’s not too familiar already, this one of Amanda Knox has the potential to become the defining image of an intriguing and, even now, strangely unresolved news story.

See the blurry shot above larger here.


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