Snow, y’know

It was February when we last had weather. Between now and then it’s basically been a persistent light drizzle interspersed with occasional threats of sunshine. Last time it was headline news because there were actual problems – this time it seems to be headline news so that editors have an excuse to use pictures of snow-covered deer in Richmond Park.*

Anyway, there is snow in Chesham. Probably about 5 inches fell – cue jokes of “you think that’s five inches, explains a lot ..” – and then stuck around but, unlike last time, at least this time the trains could be arsed to run. I’ve taken a few shots with the Canonet – which obviously being from a slower time aren’t available just yet – but this one (and this one) were taken with the cameraphone. I’ve added them to the Great Weather set because, hey!, it’s still 2009 and it’s still snow.

For some awesome shots of Richmond Park deer – snowcapped or otherwise – as well as fantastic wildlife images in general check out Dan Harrod’s page.

And see this shot large but a little shakey here.

* = since writing this I’ve found out that the BBC deer mentioned above are actually in Kent, not Richmond Park. I’d say “oh dear” but I think the pun police would have be taken out back and shot.


3 thoughts on “Snow, y’know”

  1. No photo, as forgot to take it this morning as it was ridiculously early. Have catalogued the repast though and been to the gym. So am feeling reasonably righteous.

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