White Balance

Yes, yes, I’m sure they can cope with more snow and cold weather in Greenland and yes, yes I’m sure that up in the Alps a snowfall of a mere five inches doesn’t impact on them at all but here in the nominally green and pleasant land that is Buckinghamshire it doesn’t take much for snow and ice to play havoc. Especially when the snow falls during the day on already frozen roads and rails … it took me more than five hours to get home on Monday (including a prolonged stop outside Chorleywood whilst the driver cleared the rails) but that compares pretty favourably to folk who left their cars in High Wycombe or who didn’t make it back until the next day.

And the white stuff doesn’t seem in a hurry to depart – at least not here in Chesham. The main roads have been gritted so they’re mostly okay but with the mercury not rising much about zero celsius there’s still about as much snow as there was at the start of the week. Still, at least it’s an opportunity to grow the Great Weather of 2009 set … and smugly assess the superiority of black and white over colour when it comes to coping with the snow – no fiddly trying to stop the white expanse going blue, grey or whatever when you’re mucking about in monochrome. Just brightness, contrast, levels and – oh look! – it’s job done.

This shot is from this morning – it’s Market Square, Chesham, on the last market day before Christmas. See it large here. (Oh and I highly recommend W Brazil (on the left as you look) for coffee. Top drawer.)


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