These simple things

It’s that time of year. In fact, it is also that time of the decade. Reviews of 2009 nudge for space with those that want to review the whole decade and the inevitable tedious bores scribble in to point out that actually the decade didn’t start until 2001 because of, you know, maths or something equally geeky. (Actually Seinfeld is on the side of the geeks with this one which is about the one misfire in 180 episodes.)

But enough of all this waffle, let’s get down to the serious business. These be the things I’ve learnt in 2009:
* Chris Steele-Perkins is awesome. Even if his Brighton Beach image is getting a bit ubiquitous.
* The Photographers’ Gallery membership scheme was great but is sadly no more.
* On Reading really is just the most wonderful collection.
* Film is not dead. It isn’t even on life support.
* The future of street photography will be credit-card sized cameraphones.
* Sometimes the police are lovely.
* Getting the ball in shot is something of a lottery when shooting cricket with a D40X.
* You take better pictures when you stop worrying what’s in your camera bag.
* Nothing beats a good breakfast. This is the bacon and egg baguette from Brazil’s in Chesham. Large here.

Tomorrow – what’s tomorrow, why it’s Christmas Day! – I’ll put up my favourite shot from this year.


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