It’s the photography, stupid …

I think the manual for my D90 weighs more than the Nikon F65 I’m currently in the very slow process of running some colour film through. That says two things to me: (1) the Nikon F65 is made out of papier-mâché and (2) cameras are far too complicated these days.

Even allowing for the baffling scene selection functions which seem to confuse rather than help the issue I still haven’t the first clue what the camera is capable of – beyond taking pictures. Once I’m past sorting out the ISO, shutter and aperture – and having long ago set the beast to shoot hi-res jpegs (my version of Elements will never read the D90’s RAW files) – I’m not sure what the other 600 options could possibly cover and I’m not going to wade through the book to find out. It takes quality pics and takes them well – what else does it need to do?

Thankfully the guru of the web agrees. Ken Rockwell’s essay “Simplicity” is well worth reading especially if you find the ways most photo sites descend into endless discussions of the sharpness of this or the build of that (by folk who don’t own what is being talked about) a bit depressing and would rather just look at great pictures. The irony I suppose being that most of our Ken’s website is camera and lens reviews.

But he also loves film and there is nothing simpler than loading a roll of 35mm into a Canonet, setting it to A and just framing the world as you see it. The hard part about the shot above was getting this computer to read the CD that Ilford Lab had scanned the files to. Job done though and this is the Hayward Gallery shot on Neopan 400.

Nice and simple. (And large here).


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