Dean … and Dean

I was googling someone else but instead I found Tamara Dean. Apparently “Dean” is a common name amongst Australian photographers and I was actually looking for Dean Sewell. Still, it turns out come as a couple anyway – as this piece makes clear.

Their work – let’s talk about them as if they are one entity, it’ll save time – is classic photojournalism with a heart. The kind with a message and a story. Both are fairly regularly featured in both Australian and international retrospectives – World Press Photo, that kind of thing. The above photo is from bushfires in 2002 – a subject that Sewell has returned to often in his job as a Sydney Morning Herald staffer.

I can’t find a web gallery for the Deans – my initial interest was sparked by the Daily Telegraph’s fairly decent photo section – so here’s Google images for T Dean and for Dean S.

And there’s a whole hour of them here.


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