Not quite as I planned it

One the many reasons put forward for leaving film behind and going digital is this: with digital you always know if you got the shot. And this is true. The LCD of pretty much any new camera will be good enough to show you composition, sharpness and levels – anything that falls short of perfection can be binned and there’s none of that opening the envelope in Boots to see that that killer shot of Lord Lucan ballooning across the serengeti on his way to tea with Elvis is actually a blurred capture of the back of your thumb.

How dull life has become. So thank the lord for Boots disposable cameras and their somewhat esoteric approach to being wound on, focus, light, grain … to pretty much anything you might regard as important for taking decent snaps.

The above is half of one image and half of another taken after some of the snow (falling again today, white powder fans) that the camera decided to fuse together. This particular snowfall in Chesham had earlier trapped me and the family in London for an extra night and so I was camera-less (needing to save phone batteries) with only the disposable camera route to go down. I actually have a second one with some shots already taken – I shudder to think what will be returned to me when I eventually reach the end and hand it over for processing.

For happier and more predictable outcomes I also got my first film back from the F65. Being a proper Fuji film in a proper SLR it wasn’t in doubt that some loveliness would come back but I’m quite impressed by the vibrancy and overall eye-poppiness of it. I really need to think how best to make use of it given that I’m normally quite phobic of colour. Naturally the F65 is now loaded with monochrome again as I retreat back in to my comfort zone.

See the disposable fracture of Chesham large here … more from both the F65 and disposables to follow …


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