There’s no such thing as a …

gruffalo trunki. Well, there is … and if you’d been at Harrow on the Hill station at about 6pm this evening you’d have seen it put down its book and look up and wonder where the Chesham train had got to.

Oddly, setting up a shot of a Gruffalo trunki waiting for a train drew precisely zero comments and only one odd look (that I saw). And yet taking a picture of a pub at lunchtime – just a pub nothing special – had the landlady leaning out the door asking if my unauthorised shot was going to wind up on the internet. It’s not going to – primarily because after taking it I realised I’d not changed the focus from the previous shot and so it will be a bit blurred. Apparently in the past they’ve had ‘problems’.

I dread to think.

If only everyone could be as straight-thinking as Virgin Trains who have seen the light and decided that train spotters are not an actual threat to anything but fashion.

See this shot large here.


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