A sculpture by any other name

My default setting when naming my photos is to resort to repeating whatever words, or parts of words, are visible. I struggle a bit when there are no signs in shot and it’s not a report shot of say “Chesham United v Bury Town” where the title plays second fiddle to the event its showing. This lead in is going somewhere and the place it’s heading is the reveal that the sculpture here is apparently called ‘Zemran’.

I say ‘apparently’ because despite having walking past it hundreds of times, having drunk beer in its vicinity and listened to muzak very close by on many occasions I have never been able to memorise what’s on the plaque that tells you all about it and all my googling skills are doing is revealing that there is a piece of stainless steel art outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall. It’s called Zemran. And it’s by William Pye.

Which is fine. It’s enough to find out that’s had a life elsewhere … but not enough to understand the title.

If anyone out there in blogland knows can you drop me a line… in the meantime here’s Zemran still partially covered in January snow and revealed by Ilford HP5 large here.


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