Little things

This is a cycle lane. You can tell it’s a cycle lane because it has a picture of a bike, a bit of white line to mark it and, as is traditional for cycle lanes in England, it’s of no use to anyone. I’ve been meaning to take its picture since I moved to Chesham a lifetime ago and finally got round to it on a late evening stroll yesterday. Needless to say I’ve never seen a bike use it and given that you can see the lane in its entirety in this picture I don’t know quite why a cyclist would want to use it in the first place …

Anyway, before this becomes a why-oh-why-oh-why rant, here are a couple of other things I spotted during my amble about:

Item 1: A “Jesus Christ Makes You Whole” poster that isn’t whole itself. It’s not quite irony but I would have thought it might make its point better if it was both visible from the road – and also complete.

Item 2: Private No Parking sign. I always get intrigued by the authority that a simple plaque can have. I doubt anyone who has decided not to park there would have the first clue what CHHA stands for – and nor do I come to that. The C will be Chiltern or Chesham … beyond that who knows?

And, Item 3, which may go some way to explain my absence of late, some folk bored and caught in a burst of sunlight on a commuter train. You’d only be taking this photo if your life had become some kind of automatic revolving work-commmute-sleep-commute-work-commute-sleep-commute-work routine … and so it has been. But I’m better now, thank you.

All of the above taken with my cameraphone. I love my cameraphone, you know.

More soon. (And see the cycle lane virtually life size here).


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