Bright lights, big city

I admit it, I don’t get colour photography. This puts me out of step with pretty much everyone has ever picked up a camera and possibly explains why I don’t quite understand why so many of the shots on Flickr Explore are essentially over-saturated pictures of a field, or the sea or somesuch. Even Black & White Photography magazine has articles saying how you need to learn to ‘see’ in monochrome (pay attention to shapes and contrast basically) but whilst I can confirm that despite my awful score in this test I do see in colour my eyes are defiantly set for black and white.

So now I’m forcing myself out of my comfort zone. The Tri-X has been put back in the fridge for a week or two and instead I’m now running through the delightfully budget Kodak Color Plus 200 – and I got a free roll from Jessops at lunch time today when I put my first film in for processing. (I know I’ve done colour before but I wimped out and loaded the F65 with TMax 3200 the first chance I got). So now that’s another film to run through plus having a go at using the cameraphone …

These are two from today – both taken with the Tocco Lite – and I think you can see it’s going to be a long, long journey into understanding this colour lark. We’ll all be shooting 3D by the time I do eventually get it. The shot above is the window of a branch of Subway – taken purely because my brain was going “Red, red, red …” like some colour seeking missile.

See it large here.


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