Lubi, lubi, lubi, lubi

I am become Lomo (kinda) – although my reasons for being in possession of a Lubitel 2 have less to do with wanting to pay $200 so I can take cross processed pictures with a plastic camera and more to do with wanting to give medium format a go. Also this came to me free as a loan from ‘some guy off the internet’ (well, in return for some film) rather than as part of an inexplicably overpriced set.

However, in typical Lomography style, I am completely unable to focus the Lubitel except by guesswork and my metering is based on a vague memory of the sunny 16 rule. Still, I have now run a roll of Reala through it and the results are back. And although one was a complete write-off (the machine not even bothering to scan it) I have 11 reasonably well exposed and not at all shockingly bad images. Hopefully when I’m not rushing to get them all done inside ten minutes they’ll be even less rubbish.

The thing I like about the Lubitel is the ability to look down and see what the camera is looking at (albeit back to front) – rather than having to raise the camera to the eye. There’s a kind of freedom that comes with that. Also now having the negatives and scans back you can suddenly see the vast difference between 120 and 35mm film in terms of the scale of what can be shown.

Which is why I took a picture of Greggs obviously. I think I might be getting a little obsessed with Greggs.

The beast is now loaded with some Fomapan 100 – £2 a go from Silverprint – and I’m considering what kind of project will best suit this style of photography. Greasy bakeries may very well feature.

See this photo of the Leake Street tolerance zone large here – and my Lubitel set here. Flickr also has a Lubitel group – their stuff is here.

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