Defining moments

I have some boxes that have been sitting in my parents’ house for about a decade and a half and their patience has finally given out. So yesterday I chose a box at random and dived in … and what should stare out at me but an album of pics from my first year at university. Given that the university I went to doesn’t really exist any more and that the photos were either taken on a Ricoh SLR or a Vivitar compact – both of which are long since lost – the album brought back a fair amount of memories. But one of the clearest memories came from the haziest and blurriest of photos – now badly scanned from the print – and is of Damien Burke recreating his wonder goal that gave Aberystwyth Town the 1996 Central (or Mid, it depends) Wales Floodlit Cup in a tense, fraught and vitally important match (mostly played not under floodlights as it was mid May) at Caersws.

Being a fine sport, he is recreating his shot using the green plastic ball that those of us from Lampeter were using for a kickabout and being a terrible photographer I’ve managed to pretty much blur the whole damn thing. The tragedy being that Damien would play only once more for Aber (and that as a sub) and we would spend the next few years watching them lurch from one shocking performance to another. I have a vague memory that this may have been the only time they won when I brought my camera along.

Anyway, there are a dozen or so more boxes to go through and whilst they don’t all have photos I can guarantee that there are a few hundred snaps of who knows what waiting to be unearthed so expect a few more blog posts full of nostalgic whimsy.

See this photo larger here.


One thought on “Defining moments”

  1. Jon, after recently being made aware of your website I thought I should say thanks for the kind words in your ‘defining moments’ section. I remember only too well the photo being taken, it’s brought back very fond memories of my time playing for Aber. If i’m not mistaken, we had to do a retake of the photo as I didn’t realise you actually wanted me to welly the ball towards goal & the first time I stopped short of actually kicking the ball. I enjoyed scoring this goal against Newtown as they were such big rivals at the time & I was delighted to be a cup winner during my time with Aber. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the club, especially the support I received from a certain group of students on the Safeway wing at Park Avenue. I didn’t want to leave but due to a combination of glandular fever & not being rated/wanted by Appy I only made the one appearance the following season & sadly for me I had no option but to leave. I still keep an eye out for Abers results & hope that one day they manage to win the L.O.W. Thanks for publishing this memory. I hope all’s well with you, best wishes. Damian Burke

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