Ein elefant … or two …

This is an elephant and its new home is round the back of the Royal Festival Hall. Naturally it’s all for a good cause – a good cause that got quite a lot of publicity lining up a bunch of elephants on the steps outside the National Gallery but sadly they’d been disbursed by the time I reached Trafalgar Square today. There are however enough loitering to begin a set – this was taken with the splendid cameraphone but I have a bunch now taken on FP4 with the Canonet and we’ll see what they’re like.

Anyway, as might be expected, there are already quite a few shots of the elephants on flickr – and there’s also a photo exhibition about the elephants’ creation at the Hempel Hotel (on until next week).

But seeing elephants always make me say “Ein elefant!” in German for no good reason other than it’s a line from Hannibal Brooks, a surely forgotten film from the Michael Winner / Oliver Reed back catalogue and thinking about that got me searching on YouTube. It involves the Nazis, an elephant and a long walk to Switzerland. There’s the start of said film below and should you be so inclined you can see this shot large here.


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