Summer is here

It’s cold and the sky is full of drizzle … it must be the start of the league cricket season. Two days after the electorate blew a decisive raspberry in the direction of the political classes (although not here in Chesham & Amersham where poor old Cheryl Gillan must get by on a mere 60% of the vote) it was time to do a circuit of that bastion of Britishness: club cricket.

First up, Chalfont St Giles. A new one for me so I got lost and had to go to the library and ask for directions – I now know that one of the nice old ladies’ grandsons plays for them (which is nice) – and whilst it’s a nice enough spot it’s one of the largest club cricket grounds I’ve seen so the batsmen are like little ants in the screen. Then to Amersham in the grounds of the Shardeloes estate – can you spell ‘stereotype’? – before heading off to see Chesham’s ladies play Kempston on Sunday morning. My eldest went along with a camera for the first time ever to that one and returned with 50 pictures of his fingers and occasional ones of my shoes. Probably better than I would ever have managed aged 4 though.

What I did manage to get is here – and you can see this particular shot large here. There’s also fun bit of video capturing Amersham’s victory here. Overall it was nice to note that for all the talk that a hung parliament would see the end of England in minutes that actually England (and the rest of the UK) is getting on just fine right now.

That said, I agree with these guys and this blog will be wearing purple in spirit at 5pm this afternoon.

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