Another film back from the Lubitel 2 and whilst we must grieve for the passing of the Lamphey/Tenby shots (stupid boy not sticking the film properly at the end) we must all grow and move on – and if the end result is shots as lovely as this (I take no credit, it’s all in the scanning by the good folk at Bayeux) then I am going to carry on enjoying medium format without focusing or metering for as long as the loan lasts.

I actually got a bunch of stuff back from Bayeux and it now occurs to me that there was no repetition: it was Fomapan 100 on the Lubitel, Color Plus 200 and Ilford FP4 on the Canonet and TMax 3200 on the Nikon F65. I truly am geek squared now – feel free to peruse my Film set for confirmation.

I’ll be writing a bit more about some of the shots that have come back but, for now, have a butcher’s at this one large here.


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