Tents for truth

The ‘Democracy Village’ has been in the news, mainly because after whoever knows how long of sitting there someone noticed that it was about to be the backdrop to the Queen’s Speech and so with due irony the process to get the place evicted started on the same day as the Coalition announced it was giving freedom back to the people.

Now, personally, I don’t see too much of a contradiction. The right to protest is not the same as the right to park your tent wherever the heck you feel after all. And the ‘Democracy Village’ has precious few inhabitants (although amusingly I did see two having a shoving match) but plenty of placards – including some for truthers, which probably accurately encapsulates the overall paranoia of The Man on display.

That said, and like the good fence sitter I am, the arguments being used to justify the eviction are just junk. Parliament Square is not some accessible field that would be given over to picnicking maidens were it not for the Swampy folk in their canvas homes. No, it’s a patch of ground in the middle of an over-sized roundabout only accessible by darting across two lanes of traffic. Good luck with giving that back to the everyday Londoners.

Anyway, I had a walkabout there a few days ago and now have some pictures back. See this one large here … and there are three others (here, here and here).

And try saying “Here, here, here” without sounding like some parliamentary lickspittle.

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