By George

Never mind the fourth plinth – lovely though it is at present with its ship-in-a-bottle goodness – for real temporary public art in London and elsewhere you need look no further than the living statues who earn their keep standing still for long stretches, moving a bit, and then standing still again. I’d say I’ve never seen the attraction but my photo history proves otherwise.

The most recent addition to the canon is this gent. I’m not sure if he’s meant to be a Crusader, St George or just a bit knightly but he fulfilled his duty and stood still in silvery face paint for a stretch, did a sudden movement, and then resumed stillness. And was quite fun with it. And, as is the nature of these things, was gone by the time I returned to Trafalgar Square later.

Proper temporary public art, you see. Brief. And alive.

See this shot large here.


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