This is my book

This is my book. It’s been done, published and delivered. It’s by me and is a collection of photographs of Chesham, the town I currently call home, taken between 2007 and 2010. I doubt the Chesham Tourist Board will be ordering a copy.

The photos are all in black and white because, as any truth-seeker knows, there is no more honest photography than monochrome. But the view shown here is a partial one. I like living in Chesham but the recurring theme in this book is things not working and general malaise. But that’s what came together as I worked through and put the book together. For example, I know the Post Office has since reopened but it was far more interesting to me when closed so that’s the image I’ve used. What’s interesting about an open Post Office?

Having gone down the vanity route and produced this I have mixed feelings. Obviously there’s arrogance involved but then I arrogantly splurge my thoughts onto this blog quite a lot. I also don’t think I’m particularly good at photography but I do enjoy looking at my images and thinking about them. So I guess, overall, I feel ‘sort of’. Sort of this and sort of that.

You can see a preview of At the End of the Line on this link and should you be feeling in any way ‘sort of’ you could even order a copy. If nothing else the blurb quality isn’t bad at all. Either way, and regardless of your feelings, you can see Mr Bear reading it large here.


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