The glory game?

As I’m writing this England have yet to face Slovenia so we don’t know if the les rosbifs will be following les bleus on the bus back to Europe. Aside from the whining of certain players, if you had to name the sound of the World Cup it would be a horn – the vuvuzela in fact. I’m not so annoyed by it as a lot of people seem to be but then I’ve been to the Speedway Grand Prix at Cardiff where the sound of airhorns manages to drown out the sound of four bikes hurling round a constructed track.

As for images, I’m struggling to think that there’s anything iconic come out of the group stages so far. No Pele leaping victorious, no Maradona about to defeat the Belgians. Even Wayne Rooney turning into a petulant ass came from so many camera angles that there isn’t one shot that links everyone’s opinion. In fact, so far the most shown image is presumably of 30 attractive blonde women jiggling in support of a banned lager.

Not that there’s anything wrong that.

The English tradition of football – aside from losing on penalties and going out in the quarter finals – has it that the national team need to be escorted to glory on the wings of so many bad songs. Nobody who has ever heard it (or seen the video) can forget the sound of Tony Christie wringing the last of his Amarillo comeback. Although I didn’t actually mind the Ant & Dec song. Or, of course, the original Three Lions.

This year the songs seem to have had next door to no airplay on the video stations with which I keep up to date with the young folk but one that has caught my eye is really rather fun. It’s “There May Be Glory Ahead” by the Dulwich Ukulele Club. Here’s the video:


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