The everyday

Private Eye has “Scenes you seldom see”, I have “oh look, that again.” And quite often I take photos of the same old, same old (see here for the latest person walking past a pub classic). I rarely take pictures of the many folk who I see everyday begging and/or sleeping rough though as it seems far too much like a step too far. That said, I do often think “oh look that again” and wonder how I might get something of the emotion such people conjure up.

So this shot is an attempt at that. It’s probably too abstract to really have an emotional impact but at least it isn’t overwhelmingly inyerface either. I’m also not 100% sure that the guy whose arm it is was an actual rough sleeper but he certainly didn’t look like a recent lottery winner either.

I’m starting a short course in documentary photography this week. Maybe that will help in terms of being able to take photos with a message.

See this arm larger here.


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