Human lives

I’m guessing that Edgware Road is the sort of area that has Daily Express readers howling into their ‘newspapers’ shouting with rage and frustration about multiculturalism and other such evils of the modern world. Why even the Argos has signs in Arabic.

But what Edgware Road – or rather the bit I vaguely know between Marble Arch and the Bakerloo Line station – is to me is a forever intriguing, always unknowable and not always comfortable fusing of cultures. The Costa Coffee for example is like every other branch inside – but outside a row of men read middle eastern papers whilst laughing, shouting and gesticulating like something from a travelogue. When I worked there it was noticeable that male colleagues had no problems walking around whereas the women sometimes felt unduly watched. And I still don’t know – I’m sure I could ask – what stance the guys silently offering their home-made newspapers in Arabic are taking. Is this just a cultural infosheet or something more sinister?

This shot is from a quick walkabout testing the ‘new’ Fujica. With a fixed 55mm f/1.8 lens it’s pretty much the standard for street work although I’d feel more comfortable with something wider – around 35mm perhaps. With M42 lenses being as cheap as chips maybe I’ll pick one up. Maybe there’s one at the Select & Save.

See this shot large here.


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