V for Victoria

Inspired by a shot on flickr I’ve been getting a little too obsessive about post boxes, in particular the royal markings on them. I’m not the only one though – there are scarily detailed web sites celebrating everything from post boxes with slightly odd shapes to ones with streetlamps on top. You can also read that the familiar E-II-R design in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the rest is not replicated in the tartan reaches of the United Kingdom: she is the first Elizabeth to reign over Scotland and the II is removed. I kick myself for not noticing that before – a sign of imminent decline to geekdom I think.

I already knew that Guernsey post boxes are blue and I think the ones in Hull are black because they follow FC not KR. And now I know that British postboxes can be traced back to 1852 and Anthony Trollope wanting to help out the Channel Island folk who gathered waiting for the tide to carry their post out to Britain and beyond – why not just put it in this box for collection he thought. And so it was done and he got on with writing Barchester.

Anyway, and not at all geekily, this is a standard common or garden red postbox set into a wall on Station Road in Amersham and hails from at least 110 years ago. The sights it has seen! Possibly. I’m not sure it’s used overly much though as hardly anybody actually walks up and down said hill and it’s only really claim to fame is it has Tesco at the bottom, a station at the top and some art deco housing half way up (ish).

Still, see this shot large here.


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