With the proviso that Project Morrinho sounds worryingly close to football manager Jose’s latest plan for Special One based world domination it’s well worth popping along to see this replica favela currently based outside the Royal Festival Hall.

As you may or may not know, favelas are shanty towns in Brazil that have formed in and around the principal centres of population notably Sao Paolo and Rio. The characteristics of favelas may be unique to Brazil but the problems they face are universal: drugs, crime and poverty. But when faced with that as being the only perception of a place sometimes you need to show other sides too – and that’s where Project Morrinho comes in. As they say:

Our aim is to bring positive change to our local community, as well as challenge the popular perception of Brazil’s favelas. The belief that favelas are merely dominated by drug trafficking and violence is not all encompassing. Through our work within Brazil and abroad, it is our hope to improved popular perception of all favelas.

This mini favela is all part of Festival Brazil – in honour of which yellow flags are flying above the Royal Festival Hall. There’s a lot going on … so come for the favela and stick around for the rest.

See this shot taken on the splendid Fujica ST705 large here.


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