Sing a song a day

I had a cup of tea with that Jon Boden once. There’s no reason why he’d remember it but it was the day after he and Bellowhead had triumphantly performed at the Proms. I was more than slightly in awe. But anyway, enough of the bromance and on with the singing.

Anyone’s who’s been unfortunate enough to be within earshot of my howling along to the radio will know that I can’t actually sing. But I like people who can. And I especially like a bit of communal singsong. Boden’s latest project celebrates the English singing tradition that seems to no longer exist – or at least is in serious need of life support. A Folk Song a Day does what it says on the tin – Jon Boden sings a folk song unaccompanied every day along with a bit of detail about where the song comes from.

It started on midsummer’s day and will last a year. The morning injection of wonderful song makes it my favourite site on the net at the minute.

And this shot of Boden was taken as he took folk song to the masses through Bellowhead at a free concert at Southbank Centre last year. See it large here.


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