Back to the Meadow … and back again

In the short window that exists between the end of one football season and the start of the next I did a documentary photography course at Zoom In. This was both a good thing and a bad thing to do.

Good in that even across four lessons it was incredibly useful, detailed and involving and I learnt more than I realised in the classroom. Every time I raise the camera to my eye I can hear the conversations and feedback from the course. Bad for exactly the same reason of course. Suddenly there’s an invisible critic or two in your head and you have to choose whether to ignore them or follow their advice. I’d highly recommend the course though – and it gives you an excuse to Boris bike to the southernmost extreme at Kennington Road Post Office.

One of the things from the course was that nobody who doesn’t like sport was particularly enamored of shots that ‘just’ showed sport, however dramatic they were. So the critical challenge going back to Chesham United yesterday was to take not only shots that the Bucks Examiner will want to use when they tell the story of how the Generals are top of the league but also take some that would appease the inner audience of dissenters.

The resulting set is here – a mix of colour and black & white, action and context shots. You can see this shot of Chesham making a double substitution large here.

(Also – a flying visit to see Chesham United Ladies beat Southampton Saints LFC – that set is here.)


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