At the Wapping Project Bankside

“There’s nothing digital here” the nice woman explaining the gallery told me, “this is all hand-printed.” And it’s true that the photos on the walls of the rather pleasant Wapping Project Bankside ‘space’ do glow so nicely that it’s almost a bonus that the images themselves are of such a consistently high standard.

This isn’t a themed exhibition as such. The Wapping Project Bankside is a selling gallery and this is a grouping of represented photographers. I know this thanks to the nice woman who did such a good job of welcoming me in from the rain and who provided the hand print quote above.

The photographers on show are: Elina Brotherus, Peter Marlow, Lillian Bassman, Deborah Turbeville, Annabel Elgar, Susan Meisles and Stephen J Morgan. Looking at that list again I’m a bit concerned about my clearly rampant misogyny in that I rated Morgan and Marlow above the rest.

Morgan because I hadn’t thought that a picture of a corner flag could be quite so arresting – it’s shown as both part of and away from nature, and utterly alone in a descending mist. And Marlow has some lovely black and white prints from 1982 including a wonderful one of the waiting room of East Stepney station – a station since renamed Limehouse and no doubt somewhat changed since the DLR arrived.

But this is a high quality exhibition throughout and each image by all the contributors – lovingly hand printed, no digital here – is worthy of attention. I may go back in fact and not just to find shelter from the rain.


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